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Advantages of composite insulators

Advantages of composite insulators have lightweight, low cost, esy to install, used for any contamination level areas, which are made by Orient Power.

Orient power composite insulators represent the most developed and most reliable insulators nowadays.

They eclipse the traditional (porcelain, glass) insulators in each and every respect! Due to the combination of a special design and high quality base materials, they have several significant advantages in comparison also with other composite insulators.
• Hydrophobic, water-repellant properties, preventing the formation of any contiguous water layer on the insulator surface!
• Conclusively most reliable performance in pollution areas, desert and sea-side environments!
• Lower price range!
• Lighter weight
• Easier to be installed
• Vandalism-proof, non-breaking!

Advantages of composite insulators compared with other composite insulators:
• 30 years of experience and hundreds of insulators are standing as a reference for the reliability of our insulators, and that is the greatest surety we can offer to our customers!
• Extended life-time and a more reliable operation, due to the HTV silicone rubber 
• Discharge-free end design developed by the NCT
• All the parts are produced by ourselves
• Very competitive price with high quality

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